Ocean Drive Beach Party 2003

Rock Hill High School Bearcats Class of '61


Photographs and videos courtesy of  Dan Sparks

Friday Night, October 3, Ocean Beach and Golf Resort 

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Bill Easley (with wife Sherry) can't believe Nancy (Auten) and Richard Hope have photos of their llamas but not of their grandchildren!  That's Monk Currence and Richard and Orma Jean (Melton) Whitener on the right. 

Kay (John) Robinson, back to camera, Talking at and with Michelle (Frank) Roberts.  Nancy and Richard Hope are in the background.  Discussing old football injuries are Moose (Linda Brindle) Cranford and Bill Dawson with John Robinson.

Barbara Hutchinson Vipperman hasn't  seen  Michael  Collins in 40 years! Hardly anyone else has either!

Fred and Sylvia (Marett) Curl with Priscilla Meares Sparks.  

Priscilla allows Fast Eddie Cagle to join the group.  She pretends she does not want an Eddie Hug. Priscilla and Patsy Gentry in the foreground. Richard Hope chats with Lola McDermott Jones in the background.

Janet Phillips Clarke. What a Life Story! Ask her! Shown right is  Mary Etta Kaylor Antoniewicz 

Jerry Robinette, Priscilla Meares Sparks, and Barbara Hutchins - Jerry left RH about the time we went to RHHS, but he has found us and reclaimed his rightful place in the class. He and his wife and Priscilla who live near Atlanta have visited since OD in '03. 

Barbara Hutchins is stunned to see all these old people, some of whom appear to be alive.  That's Jan Antoniewicz, Mary Etta Kaylor's husband, and Nancy Auten Hope in the background

Mary Etta greets Mary Joyce Harper Wright and tells her she is bound to win the big footrace...since Patsy Cook is in Italy.

That's Betty Barrett Bell - all smiles!  Eddie Cagle (left) just gave her a big Eddie Hug.  Her husband, Dave Bell, reacts (right).

Bennett Tarleton and Linda Brindle Cranford caught in an uncharacteristic moment -- both have their mouths closed! Linda had her first grand- daughter on Oct. 2. Bennett is still working on being the Father of the Bride.

The omnipresent Priscilla Meares Sparks gets in front the camera again cleverly blocking everyone esle. That's Barbara Hutchins Vipperman in the background.

Jerry Roninette blocks Fred Curl, Sylvia Marett Curl's husband.

Richard Hope greets Lee Settlemyre at H's where we had dinner and danced.

Diane Limerick Treadway cannot believe how old some classmates look. She wore her bifocals to make the rest of us feel good and demonstrated how they are most effectively used.

Moose (Linda Brindle) Cranford and Michelle (Frank) Roberts. That's Frankie (Vicky Seigler) Knox in the background.

Bill Dawson, Frankie Knox, Eddie Cagle, Monk Currence, Moose Cranford, Pat (Monk) Currence - These guys can't even identify THEMSELVES in the 1961 Bearcat.

Saturday, October 4, On the Beach

Lola McDermott Jones (center) prevents Bennett (on knees) from auditioning for the role of the plumber on "Designing Women"! He says the role is not all that it's cracked up to be. L-R: Betty Barrett Bell, Pat (Blackmon) and Monk Currence, Richard Hope (back to camera), Mary Joyce Harper Wright bragging about how she's going to win the footrace. In the background: Eddie Cagle finds a bush and doesn't have to go back to his room.

Pat and Monk Currence, Frankie and Vicky Siegler Knox, Betty Barrett Bell (hidden by Frankie), Richard Hope, Darrell and Diane Limerick Treadway, Mary Joyce Harper Wright, Michael Collins, Kay (John) Robinson) -- and Bennett auditioning again for that plumber role in "Designing Women."  

The Cats: Front Row: Eddie Cagle, Monk Currence, Johnny Shillinglaw, Bennett Tarleton, Richard Hope, Michael Collins Quaterback: Bill Dawson, Captain Back Row: Jan (Mary Etta Kaylor) Antoniewicz, John Robinson, Darryl Treadway, Frankie Knox Do you remember which two of these actually were on the football team?

Diane (Limerick) and Darryl Treadway, Frankie and Vicky Siegler Knox -- Diane and Darryl were "sweethearts" at RHHS; Frankie wanted to be Vicky's sweetheart back then, but her father required her to be home by 11 PM.  Frankie was a night owl, so they had to wait (until her father was asleep). Vicky Siegler Knox and Richard Hope -- They did not go steady and were not sweethearts at any time or any place.  Actually, they met for the first time at OD in '03.

Michael Collins and Mary Joyce Harper Wright - They "went steady" for about 15 minutes in the 7th grade at Central.

Vicky Siegler Knox and Richard Hope -- They did not go steady and were not sweethearts at any time or any place. Actually, they met for the first time at OD in '03. Lola McDermott Jones and Can-You-ID-This -Person??? Crown designated wearer's elementary school. Lola evidently didn't attend one. That's Michael Collins between them.

Long Live the King of The Garnet and Black, Johnny Shillinglaw.

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