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Class Photo, 2001 
We wish everyone could have made it, but here are those who attended the dinner and dance 
at Winthrop College.  Photo by Ron Adams, Rock Hill, SC.




Betty Barrett Bell shows off her Prom dress from 1961. With her 
are Ella Proctor Ramsey (left) and Bennett Tarleton (right)

It was great to see everyone! Above are Daisy Littlefield Miller, Bennett Tarleton and Linda Ogburn Pilcher. Linda was our 1961 May Day and Carousel Queen. 

Dinner and dancing 
at Winthrop College

The 40th reunion of the Rock Hill High School Class of 1961was held on Friday and Saturday, May 4 and 5, 2001. The Planning Committee worked hard to try to contact everyone all over the country. The new Marriott Courtyard was the Class Reunion Host. 

Starting at 7:00 PM on Friday, May 4, classmates met for an informal drop-in  at the Marriott Courtyard. We all tried to meet and talk to everyone, but it's hard to bridge five, ten or even forty years in just two or three hours. 

On Saturday, May 5,  we enjoyed dinner and dancing at McBride Hall on the Winthrop University Campus starting at 7:00 PM. Members of the Girls Sextette, led by Judith Bazemore, made a rare appearance during the program. 

The Cheer Leaders Cheered,  the Majorettes twirled,  and the Band played!!  We may have grown older, but we had not lost our enthusiasm for having fun. We danced until Midnight to the music of Jimmy Conn and his band. We may need to have another Reunion soon.


Thanks to the Marriott 

The Reunion Committee wishes to thank Fay Maddox Gibson and the new Marriott Courtyard for being the Host Hotel for our class reunion.  Faye has also negotiated a fantastic rate for us, and we had free use of the hospitality room for reunion activities.

Committee members

We owe a debt of gratitude to our devoted Reunion Committee Members. The Committee Members include:

  • Fred Beckham 

  • Bonnie (Blackwell) Parker

  • Brenda ( Collins)  Bollinger

  • Bill Easley

  • Cathie (Lamb) Hamilton

  • Martha Harmon Carpenter

  • Daisy (Littlefield) Miller

  • Hoot and Fay ( Maddox) Gibson

  • Linda (Ogburn) Pilcher

  • Ron Olney

  • Ella (Proctor) Ramsey

  • John Robinson 

  • John Shillinglaw

  • Bennett Tarleton

  • Billy and Patsy (Cook) Wolf


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