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Where are you?

In Memory of...

If you are missing, please let us know where  you are. If you are not missing, we would  like to know what's going on in your life.

These are friends we grew up with that have gone on before us. They may be gone but are never forgotten. At each reunion and class party, we pause to honor their memories. 


Judy Sharon Carter
Talmadge Keith Crocker
Lonnie Wayne Hargett
Larry Dean Harris
Brenda Sue Helms
Robert Crawford Hinson
Alice Holland Athey
Gwin Ingram
Myra Jernigan Haas
James Edward Kirby

Tommy Gene Lewis
Priscilla Mathis Towery
Gilbert Wayne Moyers
Jane Parker Ramsey
Janet Parsons Collins
Joseph Charles Phyler
Barbara Jean Rooney
Rodger Snipes
Peggy Wallace Cain
Major Pressley Watson
Doris Wilson Rollins


Donna Alford Carpenter 

James (Jimmy) Bennett III

Jimmy Boan
Calvin Earle Burgess
Cecilia Castles Neely
Vance Lee Crook II

Randy Dawkins
Eric Lee Edwards
Robert Burch Eldridge

Gerald Faires
Reggie Fowler
David Finley

Bundy Gulledge
Gloria Gwin Dempsy
Aleathea Kay Hamilton Wasselle
Lonnie Wayne Hargett 

Holmes Edward Jones
Norma Gwen Koth
Marsha Martin
Arleen Miller Seaver

Perry Edward Mishoe

Chalmers Neely
John Nichols
Perry Pearson

Robert Vincent Peeler

Fred Poole

Kay Robinson Creel

Arthur Von Settlemyre

Julius Lee Settlemyre III
Louette Smothers
Kenneth Snipes

Linda Snipes Russel
Ronald Taylor

Frankie Whitesides Burgess
Johnny Robert Wright

  Send us an email!  

If you die, please let Brenda Collins know at 1878 Mt. Holly Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730. 

Remember, you're not dead until Brenda says you are. 

The Garnet and Black is a publication of the Rock Hill High School Class of 1961.

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  The Garnet and Black is a publication of the Rock Hill High School Class of 1961. 

For information regarding this web site, contact