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Rock Hill  High School, North Wing, 1961

 This is how our school looked back then. Sadly, only a few bricks are left from the building demolition. This was home to us for four years. 

Much of what we became is based  on what we learned here. Our generation is now running this country. 

We grew up when the outside world was in black & white on TV. Now some of us feel "older than dirt," but our friendships continue. 

Our last reunion was great, but it was over too quickly. Soon, all of us will have reached our 60th Birthday.  

Let's have a PARTY!!!

Tell your kids that this is what a 1961 Mercury Convertible looked like! 

Homecoming parade 

School was not all work - we had our share of fun, too. Homecoming during our senior year was the best ever.

The local Lincoln Mercury dealership loaned us two convertibles for the homecoming honorees in the Homecoming Parade. The Band is immediately behind in the truck. 


"Apple a day ..." 

There are enough apples here for three years. Whose were they and how they get here? Were these students caught red-handed stealing apples?

Perpetrators shown (from left to right) are James Beverly Stewart, Phil Burns, Steve Penland (junior), Fred Howell, ?, ?, and Eddie Cagle. If you are one of the unidentified people in this picture, please 'fess up.

Bull Session

We debated many important issues of the day. Shown above (from left to right) are: Goat O'Neal, Doug Rollins, Gary Wilson,  Sonny White, John Black (deceased), Billy Hindman, Bill Easley,  Chippy Smoak,  Johnny Gettys (If not, who?), Eddie Cagle, Winky Lyons, A. C. Shull, Michael Collins,  Joe Turner,  Johnny Shillinglaw, and Gene Neely.

The magnificent Marching Bearcat Band

We did not have enough room for all of your names, but I'm sure you know who you are!  Click on the picture for an enlarged view.


Varsity Cheerleaders 

Allen Smith, Virginia Ann Wall, Alice Summers, Fay Maddox, Carol King, Randy Pennington, Linda Ogburn, and Barbara Morgan.  


 "Remember me?"    

The Bearcat Staff

Seated above are Priscilla Meares, Editor-in-Chief, and Perry Pearson (deceased), Business Manager. Also shown are Joe Turner, John Gettys, Bill Easley, Billie Lancaster,  Mary Joyce Harper, Mary Etta Kaylor,  Mariam Hutchison, Sandra Pruette, Vonnie Watkins, Mary Etta Kaylor, Mary Frances Scott and Linda Polk.

Recognize anyone in this picture?
If you get upset about how your grandchildren dress, don't forget that some of you were in this this picture in 1961!  (Click on the photo for an enlarged view.) 

The Garnet and Black is a publication of the Rock Hill High School Class of 1961.   
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