GSA Schedule Contracts

Government agencies spend more than $25 billion for goods and services through General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contracts. If you can answer "yes" to all of the the following questions, you may be qualified to receive a GSA Schedule Contract:

  • Do you offer one or more of the products and services listed in the GSA Schedules? (Click here to see the GSA Schedules.)
  • Have you been in business at least three (3) years?
  • Have you successfully completed at least three (3) major projects or contracts that illustrate your capabilities?
  • Do you have 10 to 20 individual customer contacts that can provide positive information on your company's performance?

If you want to become a GSA Schedule Contract holder, contact us. If we accept you as a client, we will provide the forms, prepare the application documents based on input from you, and assist you throughout the process. 

Our Fee: $2,500.00 


DoD - color (7577 bytes) Government Bids and Proposals

We have an excellent track record in bidding on Government contracts. Our proposals generally score high in technical evaluations, sufficient to get you into the competitive range ("short list"). The rest is generally decided on price. Need our help? 

Our Fee: Variable, depending on complexity 
(Average cost is about $3,500.00)


Small Business Administration  8(a) Program

Qualifying for the Small Business Administration's 8(a) Program is an excellent way for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses  to gain a competitive advantage in acquiring Government contracts. To learn more about the 8(a) Program click here.   

SBDA can help you become qualified as an 8(a) Contractor. We can prepare the application package and coach you through the process.

Our Fee: $400.00


Small Disadvantaged Business Certification

Government agencies have goals for utilizing small disadvantaged businesses (SDB), and often provides bidding preferences for bidders certified as SDB contractors. If you meet the requirements and need our help, we can collect your information and prepare the application package.

Our Fee: $200.00


Women-Owned Small Businesses Certification

The good news is that the Government has special goals for utilizing women-owned small businesses. The "bad news" (or better news for you) is that the Government fails to meet its goals in many years and is encouraging agencies to meet their goals for contracts with small woman-owned businesses. 

You can apply for certification through the Small Business Administration. If you need our help in getting certified, we can collect your information and prepare the application package.

Our Fee:  $200.00





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