Friday, April 7, 2006

Dinner at Kinch's

Kinch's famous restaurant, corner of Black & Elk Streets. Peggy Ann Parker and Judy Shelly catch up on old times. Nancy Auten Hope visits with Jim and Linda Gantt Boyd, Hurricane Katrina Evacuees. Sandra Willis (RHHS Class of 1960) chats with Judy Shelly.
Fred Beckham, "I don't have it!" Bennett Tarleton, "Then where is it?" Patsy Cook Wolf looks on in the foreground. Alice Summers Bailey, Phyllis Gregory Loftis, Linda Brindle Cranford, Daisy Littlefield Miller, and Martha Harmon Carpenter. Linda Auten Hope, Mary Etta Kaylor Antoniewicz, Dan and Priscilla Meares Sparks and Jerry Robinette. The Fantastic Shakers Band provided the entertainment from City Hall, across the street.

Hospitality Room at the Wingate Inn

Our 45th Class Reunion Banner

Mary Joyce Harper Wright,  Patsy Cook Wolfe,  Grace Hutchinson Clark and Bennett Tarleton in the foreground; Mike Baker and Jackie Greene Money in the background. Jim and Linda Gantt Boyd visits with Elliot and Brenda Collins Bollinger.

Beverly Stewart and guest visit with Michael Collins and Mary Joyce Harper Wright. 

Mary Etta Kaylor Antoniewicz and Moose Cranford.

Bennett Tarleton and Phyllis Gregory Loftis in the foreground. 
Fay Maddox Gibson  and Grace Hutchinson Clark read some Garnet & Black galley  proofs from 1961. Billy Wolfe. Johnny Shillinglaw and Grace Hutchinson Clark visit in the background.
Steve Deaver, Bill Hindman and Michael Collins having a bull session. Patsy Cook Wolfe, Fred and Libby Arthur Beckham relax after a tiring evening. Fay Maddox Gibson with Grace Hutchinson Clark  and Lloyd Hooper. Jane Deaver (Steve) with  Betty Morrow Morrison  and Linda Polk  Grimes.
Cathie Lamb Hamilton, Julius Hamilton, Kay Grant Martin, and Elliott Bollinger (Brenda Collins). Grace Hutchinson Clark  and Lloyd Hooper visiting with Hoot and Fay Maddox Gibson. Moose Cranford, Bill Hindman visit with Jackie Green Money.

Linda Polk and Billy Wolfe.

John Robinson visiting with Mike Baker.
Priscilla Meares Sparks and Johnny Shillinglaw.
 We could not identify the man chatting with Martha Harmon Carpenter. Elliot and Brenda Collins Bollinger visit with Jim and Linda Gantt Boyd.
Kaye Grant Martin and Michael Collins in an animated discussion. Billie Lancaster Summey is in the background. Jerry Robinette visits with Janet Phillips Clarke.

Jackie Greene Money and Cathie Lamb Hamilton.

In memory of our deceased classmates.